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Jake is a first generation land owner on a fiery path to share lessons, information, and provide industry expert advice from landowners across the country. Since starting the Land Podcast Jake has facilitated impactful information and help bridge the knowledge gap of land ownership.

More About Jake

In addition to Jake’s real estate career, he is a principal co-owner of Exodus Outdoor Gear and handles the marketing for the company. Exodus is a direct-to-consumer outdoor manufacturer, focusing on building industry leading reliable products, backed by world-class customer service, and warranty. Aside from building top-of-class cameras and tailored arrows, Exodus and Jake have recorded and produced podcasts and shows featuring some of the most interesting and experienced deer hunters across the nation; including Bill Winke, Jeff Sturgis, and Don Higgins to name a few.

become a leading land real estate owner or investor

Four key areas that create a platform for people looking to educate themselves in the world of land.

Land Ownership

Learn from current land owners how they navigated the waters to land ownership. 

Land Investing

Discover how to make the most out of your land purchase. 

Midwest Market Trends

Hear from industry experts on current market trends and stay informed. 

Industry Experts

Shave off some years of experience by tuning in and listening to some of the sharpest minds I can find. 

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