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Our purpose is to help you become a successful and knowledgeable land owner/investor. If we helped you reach your goal in any capacity, please fill out the form below to share your story.

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This podcast is full of great information for anyone in pursuit of recreational land! The things discussed help me in the purchase of my first property and Jake is a stand up guy that went out of his way to help me in the process!
- Alex U.
Back in the Spring | bought 60 acres of rec/timber land in South Arkansas. This was my first purchase of a larger parcel of land. Your show and guests provided good info and encouragement to go through with the purchase.
- Longbeard1965
I really enjoy how this podcast doesn't tell you what to do or how to buy land, it's stories from different people explaining how they did it and got it done. None of the guests did it the same, and they were all successful in their own way. Great series showing many different options. Thanks!
- Chiver365
We recently closed on our first piece of dirt (finally!) and one very important lesson gleaned from listening to this podcast that got us there was: DON'T DRAG YOUR FEET WAITING FOR THAT PERFECT PIECE OF GROUND THAT CHECKS ALL THE BOXES TO COME ALONG. We had been doing this for a couple of years. We finally pulled the trigger on one that didn't necessarily check all the boxes and we couldn't be happier! Thanks for the nudge Jake!!
- Steve Morris
I listen to a ton of podcasts and this is by far my favorite real estate podcast. Jake does a great job of asking the right questions. Great Land buying resource
- Kybowhunter88
I closed on my first farm last month and found this podcast while researching potential income generation. I found many of the techniques discussed by Jake and his guests proved to be very helpful. Thanks for the hard work!
- Sam at TROC